Forbes Travel Guide named Raleigh one of the Top 12 Destinations of 2017. If you’re wondering why we have our food scene to thank. The City of Oaks beat out thousands of other international destinations, starting the year off on a high note.

After Wake County took a financial hit in 2016 as a result of House Bill 2, tourism officials and business owners are thrilled in making this list. An estimated $9.7 million was lost in the previous calendar year, but 2017’s culinary scene is listed as the number one reason to visit the capital city.

Forbes stated, “We’ve screamed of the charms of North Carolina’s capital city before, but now that eight restaurants (including James Beard-nominated chef Scott Crawford’s Crawford & Son and the 22,000-square-foot Morgan Street Food Hall and Market) have decided to open their doors by spring, we can back up our fawning with a bit of flavor.”

Plenty of new restaurants are slated to open in 2017, but the Raleigh staples are staying relevant by revamping their menus with fresh ingredients and seasonal dishes that are often sourced with local ingredients.

Being named on the list of 12 destinations is something that Raleigh can use to prove how welcoming and open it is. When people visit, they might even find a reason to stay.

Here is the list in its entirety of the Top 12 Travel Destinations:

-Oahu, Hawaii
-Riviera Nayarit, Mexico
-Montreal, Canada
-Raleigh, North Carolina
-Bogota, Colombia
-Washington, D.C.
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California
-Santa Barbara, California
-Houston, Texas
-Lisbon, Portugal
-Bali, Indonesia

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