by Ellie Martin

Your home office can easily become an empty spot at the kitchen table, the couch, or your bed. It can be hard to figure out how to make yourself efficient whether you’re someone who works at home, or you use your office to study or pay bills. Whatever you do, your home office should be a place that you can focus and get work done, while utilizing the space that your home allows. 

People all over the world have now found out innovative ways to create a comfortable yet professional working environment in the comfort of their homes. Here we will look at 15 creative home offices to help inspire yours.

home office

Corbinton by Blue Heel Development

1.  Kitchen or Pantry Office

A part of the Kitchen can be repurposed to make place for office work and the storage above can be used to keep paperwork and other stuff. A chalkboard replaces the traditional cork board and comes in handy to scribble or make notes on the go.

2. Bedroom Office

A part of this contemporary apartment bedroom has been beautifully transformed into a functional work area with provisions for filing, keeping paperwork and a white board in the background to note down important things.

3. Guest Room Office Space

It is great to have a guest room which can double up as a home office most of the times. One wall in this guest room has been converted into a bookshelf with part of it holding office essentials and extending to become a work table with drawers.

4. Porch Office

Small balconies or a porch offer great opportunities for work spaces. This one above has been designed in a minimalist fashion by incorporating a small table to house the computer and overhead shelves for filing and storage of essentials. The balcony is covered with sliding windows for natural light.

home office

Mason Park by Shenandoah Homes

5. Library Office Space

There’s no better place in the house to part-convert it into an office than a library. A table/desk in the centre with a comfortable chair, and an additional seating for those times when you want to take a break from work and get lost in a book.

6. Living Room Space Office

This Living room features a corner office space and yet balances the element of privacy. Apart from the natural lighting, the space also has additional lighting systems for night-time working.

7. Dedicated Home Office

A dedicated Office Space at home gives you lots of room to work around with space, create and customize storage as per your needs and the just the privacy you need to work. It has its own identity.

8. Dining Space Office

Image Credit: Pinterest

This collaborative dining-cum-office space is an extension of the dining area. It is clutter-free, fresh and yet gives a certain privacy to anyone working in the quiet corner of the dining space.

home office

Holden Creek Preserve by Savvy Homes

9.  Attic Office Space

Renovating a small attic space, when other options are written off, can add the necessary square footage to your work space. It can be comfortably be transformed into a small workstation with customized shelves and storage.

10. Walk-In Closet Office Space

The walk-in-closet offices are great because they stay out of your way and still provide you with a nice, organized workspace. Since the whole carpet space area in a closet is not used, it can be easily transformed into a work area. Some of the storage can be utilised to keep office essentials.

11. Mud Room Office Space

The secondary entryway to the house, found in many American households, is not only intended to remove and store footwear or the outerwear but can also be a great space that can be converted into a work area like the one above by placing a table and overhead open shelves.

home office

Wynwood South by KB Home

12. Ranch House Office

This office is built over a Ranch House and is bright, functional, contemporary and also large enough to spread out.

13. Garage Office

Every garage need not be used for junk storage. A detached Garage-turned-office can often turn into a modern office space like the one above with book shelves and a workstation with a complimentary seating for relaxations.

14. Roof / Terrace Office

A part of the terrace or Roof of a house can be converted into an office space. Owing to its position, there will be ample natural lighting and additional lighting can be arranged for other times. It can be separated from the rest of the terrace by a sliding door.

15. Backyard Office

A backyard Office space can give you an ideal place to concentrate, think and have all the tools you need at the same. You don’t work from home and yet you do. With a space like this customized to your work needs, you can blur out the boundary between work and home can help you to focus at the same time.

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