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What’s trending in home design this year? In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on the most popular interior design innovations for 2017!

Spring Fever

2017 Design Trends

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Have you noticed apple and leaf green springing up everywhere? This year, Pantone chose “Greenery” for “Color of the Year,” a luminous, grassy color meant to evoke nature and rejuvenation. Vivid birds and multicolored butterflies are also appearing on wallpaper, signature fabric prints, and ornaments. Flying fauna have long been a staple in children’s interior decorating, but designers like Christian Lacroix are giving these whimsical creatures a renewed sophistication and elegance. Take a cue from the merry month of May, and give your interior the colorful, refreshing tones of spring.

Smart Kitchen Storage

2017 Design Trends

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Kitchen storage has always been tricky since serious cooks need to keep an array of provisions, culinary tools, and serving dishes available for regular use. Space is always at a premium, however, and designers are searching for ways to offer more open space to their clients. This year, look for multi-use kitchen storage arrangements, designed to allow users to keep counters and other working and dining surfaces clutter free. You’ll also see more specialized cupboard designs, like built-in spice cabinets and pull-out cutting boards.

Eclectic Mixes

2017 Design Trends

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If you’re worried about incorporating new pieces into your current design scheme, never fear – this year, interior design is all about the unique attraction of opposites. 2016 saw increased interest in contrasting textures in neutral palettes, as designers experimented with stone, mosaic, wicker, and macramé. This year, designers are carrying these contrasting patterns further, juxtaposing plaid, polka dots, and even nature-inspired patterns like mock crocodile and tiger stripes.
The key to this technique is not to overdo it – last year, designers balanced a welter of textures with austere, unified palettes, and the same strategy works for combining eclectic prints. Look for a strong focus to frame your collection, like a single dominant color or an accent wall that can provide a unifying backdrop. You can also balance order and chaos by choosing prints with a single graphic similarity – square shapes or metallic elements, for example.

Wood Tile

2017 Design Trends

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Last year, designers became captivated by the graphic possibilities of ceramic tile, with geometric shapes and op-art color contrasts showing up on backsplashes, bathroom walls, and fireplaces. This year, designers are exploring wood tile, an eco-friendly hardwood lookalike that comes in a multitude of shades and colors from lush ebony to weathered pine. Wood Tile is made out of a durable, water- and stain-proof polymer or ceramic material, but it definitely isn’t your mother’s linoleum – quality varieties have a lush sheen and a realistic texture that matches real wood.

You can opt for a restrained tongue-in-groove style in a natural finish, or go for a bolder color in an elaborate layout. Wood look materials and patinas are also showing up on patio furniture, countertops, and custom vanities. This sturdy, waterproof alternative to hardwood makes a great building material for bathrooms, beach houses, and kitchen floors – and it pairs beautifully with this year’s increased interest in nature-themed decorations and green color palettes.

Rhapsodic in Blue

2017 Design Trends

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2016 saw black interior walls moving out of trippy college dorms and into upscale home décor, with designers, studios, and chic restaurants using midnight-hued backdrops to create an air of courtly sophistication. This vertiginous trend has run its course, but designers are swapping out black for a slightly less intense navy blue. This variation provides a gorgeous contrast to the copper and satin brass fixtures that have become so popular this year.

Although this dark navy color seems intense, it’s easy to coordinate with any number of other shades. Try matching it with marigold, burnt orange, or a more restrained terracotta and natural stone palette. If your interior space is too small for such a dark color, try a single accent wall, or lighten up to slate or cadet blue. And if you’re married to your light and bright design brief, you can add an indigo wall hanging or a cobalt blue vase to capture some of the impacts of this wine-dark blue.

Keep an eye out for these home design trends during the second half of 2017, and see if you can’t incorporate a few of them into your plans for this year’s redecoration agenda!

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