Welcoming guests into your home can be exciting, stressful, and sometimes even unexpected. Hosting can be less of a hassle when you have your guest room set up and styled for any occasion. However, your guest room is probably not first on your list in home decorating priorities. With these few simple additions, you can have your guest room looking ready for anyone to walk through your door.

Cozy Details

Include cozy details in the room like plush blankets, a comfy reading chair, or a tray for their morning coffee. Small things they may need like extra blankets, towels, and even toiletries can make your guests feel right at home. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge what your guests might need, so give them options like a fan, or more blankets, depending on their temperature preferences.

Guest Room

Saddlebrook by Shenandoah Homes

Bedside Books

Invite guests to read by placing a few of your favorite books at the bedside table. Things like coffee table books, novels, or magazines are great additions for easy reading. There may be down time during their stay, or they may be an early riser or night owl. It’s a great addition to have options for guests to do in their room.

Personalization is Key

Add a few items in the room that are specific to your home. Pick up a few local-based products at specialty stores like NOFO in Five Points, or Parker and Otis in Brightleaf Square. Things like locally made candles and soap are easy to keep on hand for unexpected guests.

Guest Room

Wendell Falls

The More Pillows, the Merrier

If you’re low on decor inspiration, you can never go wrong with adding a few extra pillows to the bed. Not only do they add an extra element of style, but pillows make the room feel even more cozy. Everyone has different preferences, so extra pillows are good for guests who sleep with a lot.

Guest Room

North Lakes by H&H Homes

Mirror, Mirror

Create a small space with a mirror to allow guests to get ready. If you have the room, a long mirror is even better. Though you may have a guest bathroom, having a mirror in the room makes it easier when there are multiple guests. Mirrors are also more commodious when guests don’t want to leave their room to get ready.

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