Your foyer provides your guests with a sneak peek into the design of the rest of your home’s interior. Your entryway should leave your guests wanting to see more! Use these innovative design ideas to leave a lasting impression.

Bold Wallpaper

What better way to set the stage for your stylish home than to adorn the entrance with a beautifully bold wallpaper? With bright colors, geometric prints, and intricate florals being the focus of this season’s design trends, there is an abundance of paper options that will help your foyer make a statement.

Innovative Storage

A unique option for smaller entries, innovative storage can really set apart your entry. Whether you utilize a mudroom-style built-in, modern block shelving, or an antique trunk, entryway storage is both a stylish and functional addition to your foyer.

Gallery Wall at the Entryway

Show off your favorite photographs, memories, and artwork with a statement gallery wall in your entryway. Give your display a modern twist with identical geometric frames, or a bohemian feel by adding mirrors and woven wall hangings. This is an aesthetically pleasing way to personalize your space.

House Plants

Freshen up your space with some greenery! House plants are all the rage right now and are an organic way to introduce another texture into your room’s design. Cacti, succulents, and aloe vera plants are low-cost, low-maintenance enhancements for any space.

Non-Traditional Seating

Do the unexpected and incorporate some unconventional seating into your entry. While barstools and poufs are typically reserved for more casual rooms in your home, adding them into your design plan is a distinctive way to modernize the space.

Unforgettable Light Fixtures 

Take your foyer to the next level with an eye-catching light fixture. Glittering chandeliers, oversized flush mounts, and stained glass pendant lights brighten the room and shine a light on your fabulous design sense.

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