by Megan Wild

Do you dream of redoing your small bathroom, but you don’t want to take on a complete remodel? There are several things you can do to make your bathroom appear larger without tearing down walls.

With a few easy changes, you can create a roomier atmosphere that can satisfy your need for a larger space. Some tips may even free up space, so in reality, the bathroom not only looks bigger but has a little more to offer.

Consider some of these quick ideas.

Adjust Lighting

Adding more light to the bathroom makes it appear larger. If you have windows in the room, take advantage of them by letting in more natural light. Instead of curtains, use frosted glass or mini-blinds for privacy.

If you like the look of curtains, consider using valances or sheer fabrics to cover the lower half of the window. That way, you can incorporate both beauty and light.

Changing your lighting fixtures can bring in more light as well. You can add more lighting fixtures that brighten and expand. A well-lit room will always look bigger than a darker one.

small bathroom

Change Sinks and Toilets

Have you heard of floating sinks and toilets? It’s nothing spooky. These are wall-mounted sinks and toilets that take up less space because they don’t have legs, so they appear to float. Using them instead of standard ones can give you a little more room and make the bathroom look bigger.

Pedestal sinks are another option. They also take up less space and come in a variety of elegant designs.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors create an optical illusion that expands the space between walls. Place a mirror opposite another wall to make them appear farther apart. Hanging mirrors on walls opposite windows has a similar effect.

Mirrors also reflect light and color, so a full-length mirror or a wall of mirrors can really open up a smaller space.

Change to Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains aren’t usually transparent, so using them can appear to block off part of the room. Use a clear shower curtain or, better yet, switch to sliding glass doors. You’ll create an open and free look, which makes the whole room appear larger and brighter.

Choose Lighter Colors

The ceiling and floors also act like walls in the bathroom, even though you may not think of them that way. Consider lighter colors for paint and tile to expand your small bathroom vertically.

The colors you choose for walls, floors and ceilings can make a huge difference in how a room appears in size. When painting, choose colors that are light, but not bright. Some good choices are pastels, whites and neutrals. Just like using lighting, these colors effectively open up the room, making it appear larger.

small bathroom

Find Alternative Storage Options

You can store a lot of stuff in a small bathroom without making it look small and cluttered. Just be creative about it. Consider these alternative storage solutions to eliminate clutter and add more space:

  • Hang towel racks behind the door instead of on the walls.
  • Place decorative baskets under a pedestal or floating sink to hold your toiletries.
  • Use space-saving shelving, like those you place over the toilet tank.
  • Install a shelf with a built-in towel bar.
  • Hang storage cubes on the wall.
  • Install recessed medicine cabinets over the sink.

Get creative with storage, and you’ll find there are endless possibilities.

You don’t have to completely redo a bathroom to give a new, larger look and feel. Just play with design and try some of the smaller ideas first to see how much of an improvement they can make.

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