By: Taylor Catherine Fielding, New Homes & Ideas Digital Assistant

Summertime is the season for outdoor living, days spent outside, and hosting guests. These are the four tips you need to follow so that you can prepare your home for summer now in order to be able to relax later. Having a beautiful home for summer is easy!

Start With Your Home

Now is the time to check over your home for any damage that could’ve been sustained during the colder months. Inspect your roof, siding, and foundation for missing shingles, mold damage, and cracks. After the exterior has been thoroughly looked over, deep clean your exterior with 30 Seconds cleaner and a pressure washer.

Clean Up Your Concrete

The next thing you should do when preparing your house for summer is to pressure wash your sidewalks, driveway, and walkways. Pair pressure washing with weeding and replacing any missing bricks or pavers so that you’ll have welcoming paths for you and your guests. This is a small task that makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home.

Take On a Garden Project For A Beautiful Home

Summer is the time to enjoy bright colors- spruce up your yard with some landscaping and a colorful flower bed. Zinnia, periwinkle, aster, marigolds, and beardtongue are just some of the many beautiful flowers that are in season during the summer. Any of these flowers can be planted in your yard or potted on your doorstep to take your curb appeal to the next level. If you’d prefer a less intensive project, clean up your natural areas with pine straw or mulch.

Refresh Your Deck

Begin by cleaning your deck to remove any dead leaves, dirt, etc. Check your deck for any loose nails and secure them to avoid potential injuries. Then inspect the wood for color inconsistencies that can be re-stained. Finish up by cleaning your grill, outdoor furniture and cushions, and you’re ready for a summer cookout!

Whether you decide to take on these projects yourself or to hire out to get the jobs done, these steps will get your home ready for summer in no time!



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