This weekend will likely kickoff holiday parties, if you haven’t already been to one. Whether its the office, friends, family, or a local community group, you might be asked to host a Christmas party. Even if its just having family over, having a clean house is probably on your to-do list in the next couple of weeks.

Cleaning the house can seem like such a daunting task. Bathrooms to be scrubbed, laundry, mopping, dusting, and the list goes on. However, we’ve got a list for you that will help you clean in just 5 easy steps.

Before the cleaning begins, you’ll want to stock up on extra supplies for yourself and your guests. You don’t want to leave during your party, or send someone out on errands. Make sure to pick up extra of these things: toilet paper, garbage bags, cleaning products, paper towels, resealable plastic bags, and travel size toiletries in case guests forget anything.

Decluttering is Key

When starting on a cleaning escapade, it’s important to declutter first. You’ll want to organize and clean up before you start wiping down any surfaces. Then begin the vacuum and mopping process, if needed.

A Cozy Guest Bedroom

In guest bedrooms, dust the tops of ceiling fans, and surfaces in the room like dressers, countertops, etc. Lay out fresh linens, towels, and extra pillows and blankets! If you’re looking for ways to make your guest bedrooms extra cozy, read our guide here.

clean home holidays

Woodcreek by M/I Homes

Sparkly Clean Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be the most dreadful of all cleaning tasks in the home. However, it can be a quick and easy task if you have the right products and mindset! First, wash all the towels and floor mats. Next, start disinfecting the toilet, tub, and shower surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the mirror. Easily forgotten, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes once clean! Sweep and mop the floors, and take out the trash, and you’re all done.

Living and Dining

The living and dining rooms will likely be the most populated areas of your home while guests are over. Make room for more people with extra chairs, and room for seating. You may have to shift some furniture around, but all the fun and laughter once everyone is together is worth it!

clean home holidays

Woodcreek by M/I Homes

The Main Hub: The Kitchen

Often, the kitchen is the most crowded when people bring their dishes. Some may have to go into the oven upon arrival, some need be assembled, etc. It might be time to clean your oven, so leave several hours days before guests arrive for this task. Throw lemon wedges down the garbage disposal for a fresh smell, and add a candle or two in the room for extra aroma. Have you heard of stove top potpourri? Try using some natural Christmas smells here.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if your house isn’t perfect. If it feels like too much pressure, you may consider hiring a professional! It could be worth the cost when considering potential stress. You’re on your way to having a fun Christmas party in no time.

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