The dining room table is a staple in every home. Maybe the table is not always in a formal dining room, but rather in the kitchen, or in a shared living space. Whatever the case may be, people always gather around the dining room table. Meals are shared here, we discuss life, we laugh, and spend time with the people we love at this table. Because the dining room table is such a special focal point, its décor should be eye-catching and personal.


These featured dining rooms are from Toll Brothers, who have communities at Hasentree in Wake Forest, and the Enclave at White Oak Creek in Apex. There are many ways to style a dining room table, but here are a few specifics.

Choosing  Your Style

The actual table itself says a lot. Different styles require different types of tables. Farmhouse tables are extremely popular, lately. Most farmhouse tables go great with a rustic-style dining area. However, farmhouse tables are extremely flexible in their style. If your room is more industrial, consider adding some metal hardware to the table. The mix of wood and metal is a great modern, industrial look and can be done in more than just a farmhouse table. Add some metal chairs with a big wooden table for a warm, modern feel. To add a bohemian look to your table, have mix-matched chairs, or get a live edge wooden table.

Duncan Formal Dining Room

An Eye-Catching Centerpiece

The centerpiece of your table is what represents your style. It is the first thing guests’ eyes will be drawn to. The main objects of your centerpiece could be a number of things. The goal is not necessarily what the object is, but the texture that it brings to your table. Some examples would be vintage glass bottles, mix-match candlesticks, flower vases, a wooden flower box, lanterns, or apothecary jars. The centerpiece should take up around ¾ of the middle length of the table. If you only have two or three of the object of your choice, spread them out.

Hollister Dining Room

Another option for your centerpiece is to include a runner. A runner adds a lot of texture to your table, and different fabrics will give a different look to each table. A more eclectic table could have an indigo tie-dyed runner or a woven runner. A rustic style would have a linen fabric, or perhaps a striped runner. A runner is not always needed, but they are nice to have on hand to bring a new look to your table without much effort.

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