HGTV Smart Home 2016 Reveal in Raleigh NC

The HGTV Smart Home 2016 in Raleigh has finally been revealed! This stunning, energy-efficient new home in the community Haywood is built by Homes by Dickerson and features fantastic “smart” gadgets and appliances. New Homes & Ideas Magazine had the opportunity to take a tour of the inside and speak with HGTV Smart Home stars, including Tiffany Brooks, the designer, and Carley Knobloch, the tech expert.

“When we look for locations for the HGTV Smart Home, we are challenged with finding a neighborhood and a city that has the combination of technology and culture that makes it a great fit,” says Ron Feinbaum, General Manager and SCP of HGTV’s Home Promotions. “As a hub for technology and a vibrant destination for those seeking family fun, it was a ‘smart’ selection all around.”

From the moment you walk in the door of the 2016 Smart Home, the color scheme combines neutral and jewel tones for an ambiance that’s balanced and bold. Tiffany Brooks “brought touches of rustic oak, metals and stone to this year’s home and combined them with a cool color palette that provides an unexpected contrast of traditional materials juxtaposed with modern and eclectic touches. In addition, she sourced art and sculpture from many of Raleigh’s local talent to further extend the custom flair of this home.” HGTV Smart Home 2016 kitchenThe kitchen is full of Electrolux appliances (including a fridge that has a vacation mode to set when you’re away to save energy), a docking drawer for your electronics to charge without creating clutter, an iDevices kitchen thermometer that mounts to your oven or stove, and an iGrill2, a Bluetooth grilling thermometer that connects to your smart phone. These smart devices not only make the cooking experience easier, they make it stress-free. No more running out to the grill to see what’s happening under the hood every few minutes. The homeowner can check their phone to see if their steak is at the right temperature, or the app will alert them when the meat is ready. It’s easy, it’s cool, and it’s definitely a must-have device!

What really captures your attention in the kitchen, however, is the hand painted backsplash that spreads from the stove to the ceiling in a pretty, blue pattern that’s unique and fresh. HGTV Smart Home 2016 KitchenThe blue and white goes well with the gray cabinetry and jewel-toned chairs in the kitchen and dining room. The cool tones and bright white accents spreading across the first floor give the area a calm, smooth feel. There’s no lack of patterns in this home, and they all come together and give the room a funky fresh look. Mixing patterns can get tricky, but designer Tiffany Brooks has an expert eye and isn’t afraid to get creative. Around the first and second floors are Launchports, which are iPad mounts where the iPads that control the home can be kept and to make sure that they’re always charged and ready to use. Nest thermostats on each floor allow for remote monitoring and controlling of the home’s temperature through your smart phone, making it easy to save money each month on energy bills.

Through the living area, there’s a wall of glass that opens up to a huge stone patio, where there are tons of smart devices. The patio is decorated with a color palette that’s muted, bold, and experimental all at once! The grill uses infared technology to cook food quicker and more evenly, with greater temperature control and 50% juicier results. There’s smart fans by Big Ass Fans that are able to sense drops and increases in temperature, and turn on by themselves based on their analysis of the surroundings. There are phantom screens that are remote controlled throughout the house and cover the entire side of the home, with an easy control system through the iPads available around the house. Not enough for you? There’s Parrot plant sensors that help make sure the plants on the patio are receiving enough water, light and nutrients. No more killing your succulents – Parrot will tell you what’s going on with your vegetation!

And the most important room of all – the master suite. The color palette in the master suite is original and bright, and gives the room a romantic, spring feel. The greens and pinks in the room are flirty and fresh, and the smart devices make it an even better room to spend time in. The blinds are Somfy, which are remote controlled, and the bed is a Sleep Number bed with Sleep IQ technology that tracks and optimizes sleep. On the wall opposite the bed is a FrameMyTV, which is an innovative mirror glass that becomes clear when the TV is on, and then black when it’s off.

HGTV Smart Home 2016 Master BathroomThe master bath is made up of pale colors and decor, emanating a coastal look that is calming and beachy. The glass encased walk-in shower has the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom, giving the bathroom flow and consistency. The rain showerhead and body sprays are remote controlled to give you an optimal shower experience. The mirror is deceivingly technological – there’s a TV within the mirror with an LED screen that looks almost ethereal when it’s turned on. When it’s off, it appears to be just a mirror again. On the counter is a magnifying tabletop mirror that lights up as you approach, and offers tru-lux light system that simulates real sunlight so that you can see a more accurate reflection.

This home is going to go to a very lucky homeowner when the winners are announced, and they’ll enjoy the smart garage, smart devices that fill even the nursery upstairs, and the high-tech fitness room. Homes by Dickerson’s stunning home design combined with HGTV’s amazing cast of designers and tech experts, as well as the perfectly chosen location of Raleigh makes for a wonderful result.

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