Holiday entertaining can be tough. If your space isn’t ideal for guests because of size, you may want to opt out of hosting friends or family. Don’t let the seemingly limiting characteristics of your home stop you from inviting the people you love to celebrate the best time of the year! These easy tips will have your space feeling bigger in no time.
holiday entertaining

Utilize your kitchen island for extra space. (Ashton Woods)

Declutter and Minimize

Think about how your rooms will look with people in them. What items do you want to stay, and what can go for now? Consider what might be in the way for a large amount of people. Put unnecessary objects in a closet, or better yet donate them! Also, wash commonly seen spaces like windows, counters, floors, and bathrooms. During the holidays it can be easy to want to use every Christmas decoration you have. Think about minimizing your decor to your favorite pieces to make your space feel bigger.

holiday entertaining

Consider using your outdoor living area during the holidays. (Ashton Woods)

Easy Access

When guests are in your home, make sure there are clear and easy paths throughout the house. Find a good, secluded place for jackets and bags that won’t clog up the entryway. Especially at Christmas, your guests will likely have gifts that they’ll need to put away as well. By removing tchotchkes from tabletops, there will be more room for your guests things.

A Creative Dining Area

Unless you have lots of guests over all the time, don’t run to the store to buy more tables. It’s likely that your friends or family will have an extra folding table or card table lying around. Don’t be afraid to ask around and borrow some from people you know! This will save you money, and time. Mix and matched tables and chairs can look really fun and attractive. If you’re not-so-in-love with the look of a certain table, just throw on a table cloth and no one will ever know.

Now you’re ready to host all your family and friends, no matter how big your home is!

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