Many new homebuyers are opting for smaller outdoor spaces due to less yard maintenance and cheaper water and utility bills. Though there are many benefits to these smaller spaces, many wonder how to personalize their outdoor living spaces within these limited areas. Here are some ideas for making the most of your outdoor space in order to make your small patio work.

Appropriate Outdoor Furniture

Tea table and chairs for a small patio space

Sweet small-scale tea table and chairs (Photo by Brian KellyCC by 2.0)

Furniture is highly important when designing your outdoor living space. Rather than going for a classic patio dining set with oversized cushions, try tucking two chairs and a tea table under an umbrella in the corner. Versatile, lightweight pieces are essential in a small space. Hammocks and stackable chairs are easy to store when not in use, and benches can be easily moved against a wall or pushed under a table if additional space is needed.

Unique Focal Points

Small decorative water fountain using rock

Simple water fountain using small natural rocks

As in any small space, attention catching features pull the focus off of the size of the space and onto the contents of the space. Fire pits, water fountains, pergolas and colorful flowers are perfect unique focal points for small outdoor living spaces.

Vertical Plants

Tall hanging plants

Tall hanging plants add greenery without taking up space (Photo by McKay Savage – CC BY 2.0)

Vertical plants such as ivies and tall grasses are great ways to add greenery to your outdoor space without taking up too much square footage. Not only do they take up less space than the plants in your average garden, but they also create the illusion of added height to the space. This results in your small space feeling more open and less closed off. Hanging plants and vertically planted gardens can also have this effect.

Lighting That Makes Your Small Patio Shine

Outdoor rope lights for patios

Outdoor rope lights add a soft firefly ambience

Whether hanging Edison lights in the trees or adding solar lights on the ground, lighting is a perfect way to change the feeling of your outdoor space from cramped to intimate. This simple trick showcases what you have in the space rather than the space itself.

These tips will help to personalize and add character to any outdoor living space, no matter the size.

By Taylor Catherine Fielding, New Homes & Ideas Digital Assistant

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