Master bedroom decor can be hard to find. The Master Bedroom should be a retreat. A getaway from the chaos a calamity of everyday life is necessary in your home. It should be a place where you can find inspiration and rejuvenation, rather than an extra storage space where all of your junk sits. When you walk into your room, if you’re storing extra stuff in the master bedroom, it can cause stress and is an immediate reminder of your to-do list. A relaxing master bedroom can be a small getaway from worries of work, children and family, health, and other everyday stressers.
Here’s a list of things you need in your master bedroom to maximize your space! Soon, your room will be a spa retreat that promotes relaxation.

1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can be the most relaxing sight, as overhead lighting can be super harsh. If your bedroom doesn’t get much natural light, consider cutting some limbs of trees down that cover your windows. Another option is to pepper the room with lamps that you can turn on rather than the overhead light to still give a similar feel of natural lighting.

2. Attractive Nightstands and Decor

When your room is decorated nicely, you’ll be surprised at how much joy that can bring. Rather than walking in after a long day and being reminded that you hate your current nightstand, want matching tables, etc., invest in something beautiful. If you’re short on cash, head to your local Habitat for Humanity Restore or thrift store, and you’ll be shocked at what you can find for affordable prices. Think out of the box, and find something cheap that you can spray paint to be extra cost effective. Throw a few books, a lamp, and a meaningful object, and you’re good to go.

master bedroom decor

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3. Cozy Pillows and Bedspread

A pleasant bedspread and pillows not only look nice, but are more comfortable! Invest in a duvet and down comforter, or quilt, depending on your preferences. After all, your bed is somewhere you spend hours every single night! It’s worth investing in staple pieces that you will definitely use often. Look on our Pinterest to get ideas of pillows and blanket spreads that you like.

4. Comfortable Sitting Area

A comfortable sitting area can promote relaxation and rest in your master bedroom. It might entice you to sit and read a book or take a nap. It’s also great if kids come into your room to chat, or if you have a family movie night in Mom and Dad’s Room!

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