How walkable is your neighborhood? If you want to look at future value and livability, you might start to consider this essential element. That’s because walkability is becoming more and more important to a wider range of people of all ages.

Walkability means approximately the same thing—that you can get to all sorts of places and spaces on your feet. That may equal parks and recreation areas, shops and businesses, apartments and single-family homes. What it also means is that car traffic takes a back seat to foot traffic.

What does walkability mean and how is it changing our cities? In the Triangle area, more and more neighborhoods are making sure to include walkable trails in new communities. At Wendell Falls, more than 25 percent of the entire development is dedicated to open space, with 10 miles of paths and trails that wind throughout tall pines and quiet places.

Wendell Falls trails connect to the Mountain to Sea trail, which is a hiking and backpacking trail that runs from the Great Smokey Mountains to the Outer Banks. You’ll also find plenty of gorgeous overlooks, park space and even waterfalls within the community for motivation to get out and walk.

This graphic from helps you understand this important issue to understand why people are choosing to take time to slow down and walk.

Wendell Falls Walkable neighborhoods

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