Back to School season is now probably in full swing in your neighborhood. For kids, it’s mostly exciting: new school supplies, seeing 0ld friends, meet the teacher nights, and recess. For parents, it can be a nightmare: buying school supplies, packing lunches, signing papers, marking calendars, and making appointments. The back to school marathon can be easier when following these few tips!

A Homework Zone

Have a defined space in your home for kids to do homework. Stock it with school supplies so you never have to hear, “MOM, where are the scissors?!” ever again. If you have a set desk or space in your home, it helps with clutter in other areas. However, if your child prefers a common area like the living room or kitchen, a cart is another great idea.


It’s a Date

It seems like there are five hundred dates to remember each month. Have a calendar in a common space in your house: the kitchen, laundry room, etc. Record important dates from your children’s calendars, your social and work calendars, and any other schedules you need to know. This takes down stress levels and chaos, and you’ll never forget another appointment!


Meal Prep

Prepping meals ahead of time sounds exhausting. However, it doesn’t have to be. You may not have time to plan or prep meals in full. Doing small tasks like chopping a big quantity of vegetables at one time, or simply planning a general meal schedule for the week can make life much easier. Your list could be as vague as ‘chicken and veggies; tacos; pizza,‘ or more detailed if you prefer.


Snack Boxes

Having a snack box is another time saver. Instead of making sure the kids are picking the right things from the pantry, not eating what you’ve set out for dinner later, or stuffing their faces with cookies, have a particular box. Make sure the kids know what the snack box looks like, and have it accessible to them. Throw in snacks straight from the grocery bags, so you don’t feel like you have to do another thing. You can have one in the fridge, as well, for cold snacks and drinks.


Shoes, and Jackets, and Backpacks Galore

There are always shoes, jackets, and backpacks everywhere when kids get home from school. If your home allows, have a particular space with hooks for backpacks and jackets, a spot for shoes and any other school-related items. If you have a smaller space, hang hooks in the hallway or kitchen. You’ll feel better about the clutter and won’t have to worry if everyone has their stuff before you leave the house.


Go Outside!

Create a space outside for your kids to play. Maybe it’s bike riding, a trampoline, or a trip to the park. Experts say kids should play outside for three hours every day. “Movement through active free play, especially outside, improves everything from creativity to academic success to emotional stability.” While the kids are outside, it’s easier to do the things you need to do, sign all the papers, and try to keep your sanity!

With just a few tweaks, you can rock the back to school season!

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