Spring in the Triangle is notorious for having a mind of its own. It’s hot. Then it’s cold. Then it’s chilly at night. And finally, an 85-degree day will sneak itself into the mix, leaving you wondering how to dress. As you transition your closet from winter to spring, it can be tricky to keep all the right things stored where you need them. Here are some tips to make getting dressed in the morning easier, along with a little bit of help from The Closet Factory in Raleigh.

Incorporate bright colors

Nothing says, “I’m ready for spring” like a pop of color. Add a bright or printed scarf to your outfit that’s less heavy than your wool ones. Store away your winter accessories, and let Closet Factory help you with the organization. They offer a wide variety of fabric boxes that are a stylish way to keep your scarves stores without taking up space that could otherwise be used for clothes. They also offer scarf pull-outs so that you have an organized view of your options.

Bring back the open-toe shoes

By now, you’re probably sick of rotating between the five similar-looking pairs of boots that you’ve been wearing all winter. Spring is the season to pull out your favorite shoes that have been stored away all winter. In 2017, expect to see a lot of wrap-up shoes, flat platforms, and athletic-inspired casual shoes.

No matter how many shoes you have, Closet Factory has options for you. Double tier wire trays are one choice or store your shoes in trays with dividers that allow air to circulate throughout. Shoe trays are the perfect option to keep your shoes dust free and easy to see, while still keeping them hidden. If you’d rather have your shoes on display, opt for Lucite slanted shelves that have a toe catch at the end.

Get organized

It’s easy to get frustrated with the switch between winter and summer clothing by throwing everything together. With the questionable weather, it’s hard to know when it’s for sure a good time to officially store away any particular item.

There are multiple ways to stay organized, while still having enough space for all of your trendy spring clothes. One option is to utilize pull-out shelves to store sweaters that can be used for layering on cooler spring nights.

Tie racks and belt racks offer racks that can be tucked neatly into hanging sections to leave space for other pieces of clothing. If you know that you’ll have to use a particular item year-round, you might as well find a way to store it in the most effective way.

Pant racks and fabric pull-outs are other options for storing your go-to pairs of jeans that you love so much. Fabric pull-outs offer extra space for leggings, shorts, cotton t-shirts, and workout tops that you can easily reach for before heading to the gym.

If you want to illuminate a certain section of your closet, the Closet Factory has plenty of options for that as well. Under shelving lights and LED Rods offer lighting that allows you to better see what you’re working with each day.

Keep up with your laundry

No one likes laundry, but it’s a necessary evil when keeping your closet clean and organized. Instead of throwing your clothes on the floor of your closet, immediately put them in the hamper. Thanks to Closet Factory, you don’t have to have an ugly bin lying around your room somewhere for clothes. With pull-out hamper options, as well as cloth and fabric choices to choose fro, your hamper won’t have to be a site for sore eyes.

The Closet Factory even has lingerie pull-out divided fabric trays to make folding and sorting your laundry a breeze with a place for everything.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to switch your winter wardrobe over and pull out those bright colors and patterns that you’ve been waiting to wear. Check out an inside look at how The Closet Factory makes your dreams come to life, or see all that they have to offer here.

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