It’s that time of year, time to transition your home from Summer to Fall. There’s a bit of a chill coming in the air, Starbucks is already advertising for the release of the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. Walking into stores, there is fall decor everywhere. Some homes in your community may go all out on September 1st, but we suggest a more graceful transition. We’ve given you just a few simple ways to transition your home from Summer to Fall.

Start with Candles

Get a few candles that have that classic fall scent. Make sure to grab some with notes of cinnamon, pumpkin, or apple. Candles will fill your home with an aroma that sets the tone for the coming of football, pies, and colorful leaves.

Add Texture

Use transitional items like throw blankets and pillows to bring in texture. This is an inexpensive way to bring in deep, jewel tone colors that make things seem like fall. Choose fabrics and colors that still go with your home, but that also are cozier and warmer than your everyday pillows, blankets, and hand towels. Don’t forget to toss a blanket on your master bed, and guest beds, as well.

Flowers and Foliage

The leaves changing is one of the best parts of fall! It’s so beautiful to drive by and see all of the leaves changing on the trees. Choose darker, orangey tones to mix with arrangements. If you’re going with bouquets, look for those jewel tones again like deep plums and navy blues. Go with mums for outside, the infamous fall flowers that always look beautifully autumnal on a front porch.

Set the Table

Your table is a great way to incorporate fall into your home subtly. Add colorful napkins and place settings to make things a bit more festive. Don’t be afraid to add fall touches if you have a centerpiece at your dining room table, also.


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